Art Therapy - Mandala

As a parent of a child with Asperger's, living in a town with absolutely no resources, I've found it necessary to find and implement therapies and other helpful activities on our own. Through knowing my child, common sense, some fabulous websites, and trial and error, I think we've been successful.

We are now going to try Art Therapy, on our own, in an attempt to build self esteem and confidence.

For our first therapy session, we will be doing the Mandala activity found on the Art Therapy website. This includes a short history of the Mandala, which is a neat bonus.

The purpose of this exercise is to come to some degree of self-awareness, and I believe, acceptance. The mandala will represent what the creator is feeling and experiencing at the time they created it. What a wonderful activity!


<<-- Here is the end result of today's art therapy. (I won't post what my son wrote about his Mandala.) All in all, I think it went well, and my son really enjoyed this activity.

*Educationally, this activity combined a little history and language arts with art while helping a child become aware of his feelings.