Label Watch

Do you use chicken or vegetable broth to make many of your healthy recipes? I know I do. That's also one label I never looked at when I chose the brand I was purchasing. I just grabbed the Wolfgang Puck organic because it had to be healthy and taste good. And c'mon, how much stuff could they put in broth anyway? They just cook veggies and/or chicken and put the juices in a box. Right? WRONG!

I checked the labels of many different broths using a website I found, and I was shocked! I not only found sodium, and plenty of it, but a lot of other things that didn't seem to be natural or even food for that matter. So check those labels! If you and your child are on a natural or GFCF diet, make sure you know what you're getting.

Here's a link for a website called Label Watch. This website is a useful tool for checking the labels of anything in question before you go to the store. If you need to take your sensory child to the grocery store, looking these up ahead of time can save a lot of time and grief for both you and your child.

Have a healthful day!