Why Did it Happen and Will it Continue?

She was abducted by CPS because she has autism and they felt she was a burden to her family. They thought her dad must have been overwhelmed having 3 children to care for, two who have autism.
Many parents can relate to this, that is having 3 or more children with more than 1 having autism. Do they have to fear a CPS custody battle? Who knows, perhaps so, if this practice is not stopped now!
Would I be correct in saying many parents who have only 1 child with autism can relate to be overwhelmed by times as a parent? Is this true for parents who do not have children with autism? I believe so. Should all parents then be wary of CPS deciding they need to take their child into custody?
Do you think if your child was being forcibly removed from their school classroom by strangers (no parent in sight) that they might be resistant and create a struggle? Why wouldn't they? Do we not teach our children to never go with strangers?
How would you then feel about your child then being given a cocktail of drugs by her abductors, we assume so your child could be sedated and kept calm? Oh and this would be drugs not recommended for children that had these side effects https://www.facebook.com/groups/justiceforayn/doc/185727251500770/ .
Could this be your child?
She is innocent of any crime and so are her parents. She has been in custody for 91 days without being able to plea her case for her freedom and rights as agreed to by Canada in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.
Do what you can today to help this little girl and her family and continue efforts to ensure no other children and families suffer as she has. Read other blog posts here http://freedomforayn.blogspot.com/. Read some of the documents listed in the "Links" on this site. Decide today what YOU can commit to do. It is said that it takes a community to raise a child. We live in a global community today and this is a global issue.

Lovingly written by Jean Nicol on September 19, 2011.