Geocaching is Great Fun

Geocaching is so much fun, and it's a great way to get yourself and the kids outdoors. If you're unfamiliar with geocaching, it's basically a scavenger hunt using GPS. You may look for a cache which consists of just a log sheet or small containers filled with miscellaneous trade items. There are other types of caches as well, but if you're going out with kids, these 2 types are best, in my opinion, since they are tangible.

Many campgrounds, wilderness areas, and civic events host geocaching. Colleges will even use this as a way to get kids familiar with campus.

If you'd like to try geocaching for yourself, go to In the left column of the link page, enter the area you'd like to search, upload the coordinates of each cache into your GPS, phone, or other GPS equipped device. (You may have to register on the site to do this.) Now start looking!

If you have grade school kids, you may like to see if there are any Ranger Rick Geocache Trails in your area. These trails will have a passport available to download, several cache boxes to find that include a rubber stamp for kids to mark their passpoprt and more.

You can read more about how geocaching works here.

Find the geocache! It's listed in the sidebar.